Students Born in

2015 - 2016

Signature G&T Prep Program (15th Program year)

For Students born in 2015-2016


NYC DOE will be ending G&T Test after this year 2021. This is the final chance to get in!

2021 testing will open for application in the next few weeks. Testing is expected to take place starting early April.

Don't wait, start preparing! We are here to help students and families to seize this final opportunity.

Intensive Prep Program

Program Details

Program Coverage

The program is comprehensive. It covers all the key reasoning skillset progressively and multiple times. It consolidates 10+ years of our specialized teaching and leadership in the G&T testing. It is our commitment to the high quality teaching and learning experience.

Take Class Anywhere:

No travel is needed to attend the class. Students can take the class anytime at home with the pre-recorded teaching sessions. Fully virtual and 100% fun learning experience!

Class Duration:

15 Sessions, which consists of over 1000+ minutes of fun teaching and learning. To be exact, that's 19 hours of high quality teaching and learning.

Added benefits:

Students will have continued access to all recorded sessions until April 30. So students can review any important concept anytime.


Preferred tuition rate is $2499.

(Discounted from the regular rate, which is $250/session x 15 sessions = 3750.)


Please click this link to process tuition payment online.


Forward the payment confirmation email with the student's name, year of birth and your email address to We'll grant you access to the classroom for the fun learning experience.

For the families who would like to try out one session, we offer the first session at our regular rate $250. You may use this link to process the $250 for the trial. You will have 7 days to access the first session (which consist of over 1 hour of teaching and learning). If you decide to join the full program within 7 days, the $250 will be credited toward full tuition rate. 



For questions, please call registration office at 718-745-3639. Thank you! 

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Unprecedented Dedication in Elementary School G&T Program Admission

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