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The Expert in NYC G&T Admission

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January 2015 Exam


Signature Prep Program  

(9th Program Year)

Students born in 2007 - 2010
G&T Exam: January 2015
Prep Program in 2014
Manhattan Location
100 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013
c/o Gymboree Store
 Queens Location
135-20 39th Ave, 6th Floor, Flushing, NY 11354
c/o Sheraton Building 6th Floor
Our program is quickly approaching full enrollment. Please call the registration office for availability.
Since there is very limited number of seats for the only selective class time slots, the seats will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
(Priority will be given to students referred by our alumni families.)
 Registration Office: (718) 745 - 3639 
The highly competitive G&T admission test is given only once a year. Students are deserved to give their best shot to showcase their potential.
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NYC GIFTED PreK-G2 Gifted & Talented Program Prep Course

Program Curriculum

This program will prepare the students for both OLSAT & NNAT


>>>NNAT 50% + OLSAT  50%<<<


   NNAT  skill sets: Non-verbal Reasoning Skills

1. Pattern Recognition
2. Pattern Completion
3. Pictorial Analogy
4. Figural Analogy
5. Serial Reasoning
6. Spatial Visualization


OSLAT skill sets:

1. Verbal Comprehension
2. Verbal Reasoning


✔ Be familiar with exam format
✔ Attention & Listening skills
✔ Trained for the necessary attention span
✔ Ability to follow detail directions
✔ Trained for proper behavior
✔ Learn the necessary vocabularies
✔ Problem solving strategies
✔ Be familiar with the testing environment 
✔ Get over the shyness and nervousness